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Illinois Federation of Teachers Welcomes Columbia Faculty Union to Its Membership 

Chicago -- Today by a majority vote, the Columbia Faculty Union (CFAC) voted to join the Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT). 

“CFAC is proud to be joining with IFT/AFT, AFL-CIO at this time; in this historical moment. When labor is under attack and the very foundations of education are threatened, we need to unify in order to secure fair wages, fair working conditions and ensure that critical thinking and quality education guide our work,” said Diana Vallera, CFAC President. “Our unions share the principles and practice of standing up, including on the picket line. Together our principles are stronger, our voices louder, and our power undeniable.”

Columbia Faculty Union (CFAC), is the union representing the interests of contingent faculty at Columbia College Chicago. Contingent faculty teach a majority of classes at Columbia and are deeply committed to the quality of students’ education. They bring professional expertise into the classroom; many are high achievers in media arts, fine arts, arts management, and other fields. Columbia was founded as a college where part-time faculty would be honored for their dedication to their students and their professions.

“As a high school English teacher, I saw many of my students go to Columbia College, where they studied with leading artists and practitioners in their respective fields. I’m thrilled that these faculty members have chosen to join our IFT family. We understand the unique needs of contingent faculty, who are fighting powerfully against institutional changes that directly impact their work and their students’ education. Our union’s knowledge and experience in higher education, combined with the collective strength of nearly 103,000 members, makes IFT the right choice for Columbia College Chicago faculty and for every local union seeking support and a strong voice on their campus,” said IFT President Dan Montgomery.

CFAC NEWS | August 27, 2019

Congratulations on voting to affiliate with the IFT/AFT/AFL-CIO.

Fellow CFAC members:

Congratulations on voting to affiliate with the IFT/AFT/AFL-CIO. We have looked at our strengths, assessed our challenges and made the choice to move forward together. In practical and pragmatic terms, we chose to align ourselves with an organization that will allow us access to greater resources – an important choice. But we also made a more invigorating choice with this vote; we dared to embrace the growing power of workers in Higher Education. CFAC members chose to stand in closer solidarity with colleagues across the state and across the nation, in a shared fight to protect quality education for our students and quality working environments for educators.

A union is only as strong as its members and - once again - CFAC members showed our union’s strength and made their voices heard. 57% of those eligible voted. 76% were in favor of affiliation.

We thank you for your participation and we look forward to our future, standing side by side with our 130,000 IFT members in Illinois alone.

In solidarity,


Diana Vallera, CFAC President, Photography

Andrea J. Dymond, CFAC Vice President, Theatre

Lisa Formosa-Parmigiano, CFAC Secretary, CTVA

Susan VanVeen, CFAC Treasurer, Business

Luis Contreras, CFAC Membership Chair, IAM


CFAC Columbia Faculty Union | 6oo S Michigan Ave rm 1309B, 312-369-7485, Chicago, IL 60605

To view NLRB cases 13-CB-202023;13-CB-165873; 13-CB-202035 click HERE!

CFAC Contract Update – 5/15/2019

The contract has been ratified and signed. 95% yes vote!


Tentative Agreement

On April 17, 2019, The Columbia College Faculty Union reached a tentative agreement with the administration.  This ended negotiations.  The bargaining team is pleased with the terms we have secured in this agreement and ask our members to vote in support of ratification.  

Ratification Meetings and Voting

CAFC will hold member meetings during the ratification voting period. Members of the bargaining team will be there to answer any questions you may have.  Membership meetings require that you are a member in good standing to attend:

Monday, May 13, 2:30p.m. – 4p.m. room 401, 600 south Michigan.   

Tuesday, May 14, 11:30a.m. - 1:00p.m. room 401, 600 south Michigan.

Please R.S.V.P to no later than Monday, May 13th at 9a.m. if you are planning on attending. A full copy of the contract will be available, at the meetings  You may also, of course, email with any questions.   

The ratification vote, by secret ballot, will be open from Friday, May 10, 8:00am - Wednesday, May 15, 4:00pm.  



We are pleased to announce that we have reached a tentative agreement on a collective bargaining agreement between Columbia College Chicago and the Columbia Faculty Union. Like all such agreements, it has taken compromises and good faith by both sides to arrive at this moment. We believe our many areas of agreement reflect our joint commitment to the college and our students and our desire to set forth a tone of respect and collaboration we hope extends well beyond a written document into everyday affairs across our college. The exact terms still need to be reflected in a comprehensive contract document and a summary, which we will jointly publish as soon as practical this week. The tentative agreement will still need to be ratified by union membership. Union leadership will recommend such ratification; the college already has endorsed the terms.

Diana Vallera
CFAC President

Robert Bloch
Counsel for CFAC

Terence Smith
Special Counsel for Labor Relations

Laurent Pernot
Chief of Staff