Student Letter

Copy. Paste. Amend. E-mail.

Kwang-Wu Kim, 

CEO and President 

Columbia College Chicago 

600 South Michigan Avenue 

Chicago, Illinois 60605 

William E. Wolf, email: and 

Chairman, Board of Trustees 

Columbia College Chicago 

BW Capital Partners 

900 North Michigan Ave, Suite 1600 

Chicago, IL 60611 

Dear President Kim/Chairman Wolf: 

I came to Columbia College because I wanted a great education in [insert field], and because I was attracted by the depth of the coursework and by access to part-time faculty who represent the best in their fields. 

Now the classes/courses that offer the strongest platform for career success and depth of knowledge are no longer available. Faculty with whom I hoped to study are no longer being assigned classes, and capstone experiences that were used to recruit me to a Columbia have been eliminated. Like so many other Columbia students, I’m having to reconsider my commitment to a college that doesn’t seem to be committed to me or to the part-time faculty that attracted my interest. 

I am shocked to realize that a college professing a commitment to social justice and diversity is engaged in an effort to remove protections that incentivize experienced instructors to teach at Columbia and to advocate on students’ behalf, which they might hesitate to do without the modicum of employment security provided by a union. What happens to students should the Union feel it’s only option is to strike? Columbia College is acting more like an anti-labor, multinational corporation than a non-profit college born of the social activism of the 1960s. 

I don’t want my education disrupted, but I can’t be silent when I see part-time faculty treated so unfairly. Their teaching environment is my learning environment. In the interest of my education and the value of my desired degree, you must reach a fair and equitable contract with CFAC – before a strike is necessary. 

Thank you.