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Our petition has been very active.

Here are some of the comments of support from signers.


John P. from Chicago, IL

"The teachers are the only good thing in Columbia. They were passionate, experienced, and were able to offer real world knowledge to their classes. I stand with the teachers."

Sarah R. from Chicago, IL

"Our teachers deserve better pay and better treatment"

John B. from Chicago, IL

"TEACHERS are why students choose your school. Not administrators."

Maria S.

"During my time at the school I watched the major I loved shrink, warp, and crumble, merged again & again without thought to the needs of the students or what made the program excel. My high school teachers encouraged me to go to a more prestigious 4-year school for a writing degree, but I picked Columbia because of the specialized classes and amazing part-time faculty. The administration has destroyed what made Columbia worthwhile, turning it into a miserable institution with a ridiculous price tag. For shame!"

Kurt K. from Kansas City, MO

"As a former student, member of the p-fac union, and part-time faculty member in the English department, where I felt undervalued at times by my superiors, I support the demands of the CFAC union for Columbia’s current part-time faculty members."

Richard C. from Chicago, IL

"The "mission" of CCC, such as it is/was has been hijacked by the new admin, mostly for financial reasons (as if it is a mortal sin to pay a teacher fairly), but also from a philosophical/pedagogical perspective. They look upon teachers as some sort of "input technicians" who hand out loads of data in semester-shaped units. They believe that learning is another kind of "content" -- without individual shape or nuance. Do you want technicians or teachers?"

Jill K. from Chicago, IL

"I have family and friends who have been students and/or faculty at Columbia, and I believe this petition is valid and necessary."

Jess M. from Chicago, IL

"Alum. I stand in support of unionization of underpaid and underprotected workers, especially teachers."

Bethany T. from LaGrange, IL

"I support for the rights of CCC faculty! Columbia faculty and students deserve better treatment, when Dr Kim fails the faculty, he fails the students. This administration must change."

Jackie S. R. from Jackson, NJ

"Columbia must be saved."

Mariel T. from Chicago, IL

"I no longer feel like I can recommend Columbia to prospective students. It's not the school that it once was."

Tina J. from Chicago, IL

"The shrinking of and combining majors, all in the effort to eliminate the specialty courses that let students truly focus on the skills and knowledge they plan to use in their careers, is heart-breaking. Columbia used to turn out students that were uniquely qualified for their fields, because they were allowed to specialize so deeply in their studies. Now it's becoming a generic center of learning that is the equivalent to any state school....except for the outrageous tuition cost."

Timothy C. from Carol Stream, IL

"Columbia’s teachers and students deserve better."

James H. from Crete, IL

"For profit education is abhorrent and amoral."

Bruce T.

"High quality faculty produce high quality graduates. Get it together while you still can."

Matthew B. from Chicago, IL

"It's wild that you wish to continue to decimate the school I love. Stop this madness and save the culture of the school"

Arnie B. from Chicago, IL

"The Columbia I love is being destroyed by an administration that is clueless about what the school has accomplished for so many students with its unique mission. Cease, desist, resign, Dr. Kim!"

Sondra M. from Van Nuys, CA

"The teachers are the real value of the school. They deserve good wages and the support of the administration."

Danielle A. from Dallas, TX

"Columbia’s teachers have always been the life blood of the school and the school is so unique. Don’t take them away from future artistic leaders and innovators!"

Robin R. from Lancaster, CA

"I am a 1982 graduate of Columbia College and I hate the things I've been hearing about how it's being run now. Teachers are the heart of an educational institution and they need to be paid well."

Sharon S. from Crown Point, IN

"As a retired English professor from Purdue University in Hammond, IN I can testify for the need of adjunct, qualified teachers who excel in their field."

Mary B.

"Please don’t turn this institution into a for-profit university. Don’t disgrace the legacy that has been built and protect our teachers! This is a safe haven for us artists and we must uphold it!"

Rachel N. from Elmhurst, IL

"As a 2016 Columbia Grad, I saw first-hand the frustrations of the faculty go unheard by the administration, even when students stood by them. For the amount of debt students take on to attend, Columbia owes them a quality education, provided by skilled and well-supported faculty. I am ashamed of my alma mater and the treatment of its staff, and the related decline in the quality of the education they provide."

Rebecca F. from Frankfort, IL

"Colleges are there to help teach the populace, not to make a profit."

Kelly S. from Bolingbrook, IL

"My most transformative experiences here have been with faculty who teach because of love for the art. I've seen, personally and vicariously, how this has changed due to administrative changes, which may help the administration but ultimately negatively impact the students. Keep the spirit of CCC alive and support these teachers, these students, this school at its very heart. No more excuses!"

Deborah R. L. from Chicago, IL

"While money is an important tool, many values rank higher worth: education, art, communication, community, skilled expertise, the pride of craft, simple honesty. The current Columbia administration has lost sight of this--if it ever saw any of these at all."

Nicole M. from Norridge, IL

"The adjunct faculty is the reason I enrolled at Columbia, having professors that were currently working in the industry gave me insight full time staff simply wouldn’t be able too. It’s thanks to some of these professors that I even have a starting point for my career.”


Joe Janes