Parent Letters

Copy. Paste. Amend. E-mail.

Kwang-Wu Kim, email: 

CEO and President 

Columbia College Chicago 

600 South Michigan Avenue 

Chicago, Illinois 60605 

William E. Wolf, email: and 

Chairman, Board of Trustees 

Columbia College Chicago 

BW Capital Partners 

900 North Michigan Ave, Suite 1600 

Chicago, IL 60611 

Dear President Kim/Chairman Wolf: 

As the parent of a Columbia College Chicago student, I am voicing my concern with the quality of my child's education. We chose Columbia College because of the specialized creative curriculum and working professional faculty. Now the classes that offer the strongest platform for career success, and that my child needs for their degree to have value, have either been eliminated or merged into a basic course (i.e. a course of less value). Class sizes are substantially larger than they were five years ago, even though enrollment has fallen. Additionally, the experienced working professional faculty in his major are mostly gone. However, tuition has continued to increase for a degree, that in my opinion, has been devalued. 

Columbia appears to be mired in labor disputes. Faculty and staff are departing at an alarming rate as the administration deliberately thins the ranks of union protected adjunct faculty, whose commitment to teaching and professional experience has always been a hallmark of the Columbia College experience and was a key reason that my child chose the school. The administration must accept responsibility for fomenting instability in the name of change, and I believe a blatant attempt at union busting, at an insupportable cost to my child’s education. 

Frankly, I am shocked to realize that a college professing a commitment to social justice and diversity is engaged in an effort to remove protections that incentivize experienced instructors to teach at Columbia and to advocate on students’ behalf, which they might hesitate to do without the modicum of employment security provided by a union. What happens should the Union feel it’s only option is to strike? 

I urge the administration to NOT abrogate the values that have made Columbia distinctive and attending Columbia College desirable. Instead of prioritizing the “bottom line”, prioritize a quality education and top notch faculty.